Baby it’s cold outside

“Yes, as everyone knows, meditation and water are wedded forever.” Moby Dick

Today, it rained!!!!! For the first time since I’ve been in Palestine (except for that mini-rain we had for like 30 minutes back in September), it rained today. There has been mild panic about the lack of rain in a country that experiences huge water problems in the first place, and for a locale where the winter season supposedly is just a continuous rainstorm.

And today, I woke up to the wonderful sound of rain and the most cloudy, depressing-looking sky. Remember, I haven’t actually seen anything other than bright blue sunny sky for 4 months now. It was glorious (knowing that tomorrow and almost the rest of the week is supposed to be sunny probably contributed to my happiness at today’s gloominess). You can really feel the chilliness in the air from inside our apartment – the building being stone means it always feels at least 20 degrees colder inside than it actually is outside. Waking up to the rain and cold made me very happy, if nothing else for a different perspective of being here and not sweating under the brutal sun.  It also gave me fair justification for spending the whole day inside.

Doing all of this research and reading and writing, I often WANT to get out of the apartment, but that means spending hours at cafes, and there are unfortunately limited numbers of cafes to rotate through. Plus, of course, I have my favorites that I like to go to on a regular basis but feel kind of silly for spending hours and hours, day after day, at the same two places. And that also means spending money, because I can’t just sit at a cafe to read and write for 6 hours and only buy an Arabic coffee! So it’s a delicate balance of wanting to get out of the apartment, and fully knowing that I can spend all day at my kitchen table, eating my own food, making my own coffee… So today, I didn’t even need to go through the daily battle I usually have with myself! I just wanted to enjoy the damp, chilliness in my sweats, with a big cup of tea, and my piles and piles of pages of research.

And that’s exactly what I did.


One response to “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. That’s great it finally rained there 🙂 I miss you 🙂 Can’t wait til you come home sis!

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