Palestinian Pocahontas

“The dew seemed to sparkle more brightly on the green leaves; the air to rustle among them with a sweeter music; and the sky itself to look more blue and bright. Such is the influence which the condition of our own thoughts exercise, even over the appearance of external objects.” Oliver Twist

It’s been a busy last week! I took my last final yesterday morning, so I am officially done with classes until January. This also means I’ve been here a little over three months now. And this also means that a decent number of the friends I’ve made here are starting to leave, as their three-month tourist visas are up. So, it’s a little sad, but it’s been a great three months — and now I need to really get started on my research! And get ready for my visitors coming soooooonn! My birthday passing made me really miss my friends back home and I cannot wait to have my friends here.

On a happier note, we also actually had a Halloween party! Not like you could find a costume here in Ramallah but we went to the fabric store and my roommate ended up making me a Pocahontas costume… and herself Minerva, the Roman goddess. It was a good mix of people and some came costumed and others didn’t, but it was fun to celebrate a holiday, especially a ridiculous holiday like Halloween, here. If I can find pictures from other, more responsible picture-takers, I’ll post them. Now, I just have to find people to celebrate Thanksgiving with!

Otherwise, life has been pretty boring. The staff at the local cafes/bars have started recognizing me and my orders, and when I don’t order an argilah, they ask me if I’m feeling sick… but actually I got an argilah for my birthday! So now I don’t need to spend all of my food/drink money on argilah out at cafes anymore. Life is complete. And now that the weather has gotten colder (though it’s back to 80 degrees today…), I think people here hibernate for the winter, so I will be just content in my apartment with my argilah, and my new slippers that came in the mail from my parents! Now I just need to find some comfy sweats…


One response to “Palestinian Pocahontas

  1. hi madeline great to see you are enjoying yourself over there i read your articles and they are quite funny and enjoyable. well i sent pics to your email address il send halloween one when im next on with others. take care love sharon

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