“Moderation is a fatal thing, Lady Hunstanton. Nothing succeeds like excess.” A Woman of No Importance

So it’s the week before Eid al-Fitr, the big Muslim holiday celebrating the end of the month of Ramadan. This means, well, that things are crazy. There are more people in the streets of Ramallah than I have ever seen before, and at all hours of the day and night! The shops are ridiculously chaotic with everyone buying presents and sweets. Eid will fall on Thursday or Friday night, depending on the moon.

So we decided it would be a great idea to go shopping yesterday. I really needed some new clothes, having worn the same three jeans and essentially three t-shirts since I got here over a month ago. Plus, I had no idea what to really pack before I left, and I sadly did not pack enough fashionista stuff to go along with the everyday Palestinian girl!

So we started off with a list of home decor things to get for the apartment, which of course we ended up crossing off only a basket and a kettle that my roommate bought at the supermarket on the way home… Instead, we crammed into tiny clothes shops, elbowing our way to the clothes racks, fighting to try on the right size, if it’s marked at all. It was crazy fun! Though really exhausting.

And I thought that was crazy busy. On my way home from Birzeit last night around 9:30, it was like it was noon in the middle of the day. Cops were out in full force, directing traffic around closed off streets so that people could walk in the streets, because there were SO many people out! The weather was wonderfully chilly with the sun down, all the shops were open, people who had been fasting all day had clearly already eaten their iftar… it was so much fun! They had a big stage set up in the middle of al-manara with a live band/singer, people crowding around, dancing, walking down the streets. Entire families, with kids sitting on their dad’s shoulders, were shopping.

I decided that we were idiots for shopping in the middle of the day like that, and we definitely should have shopped at night, like everyone else!

So because it’s Eid in a few days, school has given us off Thursday-Monday, which is so exciting. We’re planning a big trip (over to the Israeli coast for Haifa, Akka, and the BEACH; then inland for Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee, and then Jenin)! If I can only get through this test tomorrow…


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