Some background

“Nothing is ever quiet, except for fools.” Cry, the Beloved Country.

I have 9 days left before I leave DC, so I’ll use this time to try to calm the fears of most of my friends who ask me if I’ll get stoned for not wearing a burqa. Part of my goal in writing this blog is to keep my friends informed about “that poli sci stuff” (yes, you know who you are) – so I’ll do my best to post information that’s as objective as possible, or as objective as I can find!

Here are some news articles on where I’m headed:

NY Times on Ramallah

World Factbook on the West Bank

Foreign Policy “The Slow Death of Palestinian Democracy”

The Jerusalem Post “Israel is the world’s most isolated country”

(for boo boo) Haaretz “Environmentalists urge closure of Jordan River baptism site over poor water quality”


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